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Dashain Festival in Nepal: Unveiling the Important Days

Dashain Festival in Nepal: Unveiling the Important Days
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Dashain Festival in Nepal: Unveiling the Important Days

Dashain, a festival of joy, reverence, and bonding, is the longest and the most significant Hindu festival celebrated in Nepal. Rooted deeply in mythological tales and traditions, this 15-day festivity is a beautiful blend of rituals, family gatherings, and age-old customs. While every day of the festival holds its significance, let's dive into the most pivotal days that give Dashain its essence.

1. Ghatasthapana

  • Date (BS 2080 Asoj 28):
  • Description:
    The first day of Dashain, Ghatasthapana, marks the inception of the festival. It symbolizes the day Goddess Durga started her battle against the demon Mahishasura. People plant barley seeds, which grow into jamara (barley grass) – an auspicious symbol for the festival.

2. Phulpati

  • Date (BS 2080):
  • Description:
    Phulpati, celebrated on the seventh day, introduces the festive mood. A vibrant procession from the Gorkha palace reaches Kathmandu's Hanuman Dhoka Palace, bringing the royal kalash, jamara, and banana stalks – representing Goddess Durga.

3. Maha-Astami

  • Date (BS 2080): [Date for Maha-Astami]
  • Description:
    The eighth day, Maha-Astami, is filled with fervor and devotion. On this day, animals are sacrificed in temples to appease the goddess. Kali temples resonate with bells and chants, and families share a special meal, symbolizing unity and gratitude.

4. Maha Navami

  • Date (BS 2080 Kartik 6)
  • Description:
    Maha Navami, the ninth day, is the climax of the battle between Durga and Mahishasura. It is the final day of the major rituals, where artisans, mechanics, and traders worship their tools, vehicles, and equipment, asking for blessings in their professions.

5. Bijaya Dashami

  • Date (BS 2080): [Date for Bijaya Dashami]
  • Description:
    On Bijaya Dashami, the tenth day, the goddess’s victory over evil is celebrated. Elders apply tika (a mixture of yogurt, rice, and vermillion) and jamara on the foreheads of younger relatives. This act symbolizes blessings, protection, and wisdom. Families come together, exchange gifts and share joy.

Dashain is not just a festival; it's an emotion for the people of Nepal. It's a celebration of good over evil, of homecoming, and of togetherness. As the skies get dotted with colorful kites and the air gets filled with the fragrance of incense and the melodies of bhajans, one can truly feel the spirit of Dashain.

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