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What to Expect On a Trek to Everest Base Camp

What to Expect On a Trek to Everest Base Camp
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In the Nepal country the well-known trekking destination is located at the south of the Mount Everest of the Khumbu/ Everest region which is the most-liked and popular trekking in the Nepal country where every year more than thousands of travelers come to attempt this adventurous trekking. People have a fascination to scale this lofty mountain but due to certain situations they could not be able accomplish it but one can attempt this stimulating trekking Everest base Camp and walk in the footsteps of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa

The spectacular mountain can be expected in the journey but what really you can expect are:

Firstly it will be a very physical task

On the trek to Everest base camp, you will be walking for long hours 4-9 hours a day, and the trail will be mostly trekking in the steep hills, diverse terrain, and also crossing high suspension bridges and rocky trails.

Though the trails are challenging in every turn you will be rewarded with a jaw-dropping-dropping view of the Himalayas.

Back to basics (Accommodation and food)

The food and accommodation on the way to the Everest base camp are basic but it is satisfactory. The food they mostly provide in the tea house is simple and all of the tea houses have the same menu like dal – lentil soup, Bhatt- rice and seasonal vegetable curry, noodles, fried rice, momo- dumpling. While it might become a little monotonous, you will get carbohydrate food which is much needed during such adventurous trekking to high altitudes. We suggest you not consume meat because meats have to be carried up from the lower elevation so, it wants to be fresh, so, we suggest that during the trek you can consume vegetarian food which will be fresh and hygienic.

You can purchase water on the trail wherein some of the teahouses does sell mineral water but keep in mind that the price of the water is comparatively higher than in the cities so we suggest you that carry your own water bottle where in some of the tea houses does provide normal water where you can drink it by using water purification tablets. We carry a 2.5-liter liter bag so you can fill the water while taking meals in a tea house where water is provided where you can fill the bottle and drink plenty of water to avoid altitude sickness.

Most of the Accommodation of the Everest base region is simple and basic where the rooms are not private where one should share your room with your partner and only in some tea-houses they are bathroom attached but in some of the tea houses bathroom are outside your room which should be shared with another group. The room doesn’t have a heater and it is not heated so your room will be extremely cold but you will have a comfortable bed bed bed beds so we suggest you carry good quality sleeping bags so you can sleep warmly and peacefully. In some of the tea houses, blankets are provided but some do not and the most important thing is there is no western-style squat so there is only an eastern squat but you will be used to it.