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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information and Confidentiality

Any communication, personal information that you sent to Holiday Planner Treks & Expedition, while making an inquiry or writing a comment, will strictly be treated in a confidential manner. We respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding it. We will never share your personal details or any personally identifiable information that you might disclose on or through our website with any third party. Following are the listed privacy policy of our company:

Personal information we collect from our site to identify you

We require your personally identifiable information like name, address, email address, telephone numbers, etc. in order to be in touch with you. You may visit our website and supply us your personal information to request more detailed information regarding the trip or to subscribe to our e-newsletter. Our Company never misuses your personal information and uses it exclusively for the particular intention you have expected from us like to answer your question or query etc. To facilitate you to contact us straight via our mailing address, we do always use our email links sited on our website.

Correct and update-to-date information

Provided you need to amend or validate the date that we might have already received from you, you can contact our email.


Your any personally identifiable information will never be made public and is stored on servers for security. Even such information is accessible by our Company’s staff only when they are “must to be familiar with” for them. Secondly, when you pay for any trip or buy any product via credit cards, the details of credit cards will not be stored on our database.

Advance Payment

We required 20% advance payment through credit card or bank transfer.

Links to other web sites

Our site contains links to other sites. Holiday Planner Treks & Expedition, is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Websites.

Trip Forms

While booking your travel arrangement, clients will be required to fill up the forms and submit their required personal information in our booking forms. The Trip Forms can ask for name and address, phone number,  payment information, emergency contact information, proof of medical history and insurance details, current medical status, dietary preferences, passport information, arrival and departure information, etc.

All such information is fully kept private and is used only for official purposes and not sold or leaked.

Renewal of the policy

Whenever necessary, the stated policy is subject to revision or to timely update. For that reason, if you have any query, concern as regards to our Privacy Policy, do take it easy to write and / or contact us.

Economic Policy

We advise you to Buy locally made crafts and support local skills to encourage the positive sides of tourism.

Social Policy

  • We advise you to Ask for permission before taking photographs out of respect for the local people.
  • Respect the local laws, customs and cultural beliefs.
  • Do not buy ancient artifacts or souvenirs made from endangered species.

Environment Policy

  • Try not to damage any plants you see on the trail.
  • Wild animals should not be touched, fed or disturbed and do not encourage local people to parade animals.
  • Do not collect firewood; all the treks use kerosene for cooking.
  • Please burn all the bio- degradable rubbish and bury it away from a water source (30m) and please use toilet facilities if they exist.
  • Our policy is to carry out all non biodegradable rubbish, if any is left behind in the morning, please bring it to the guide's attention.
  • Bring along environmentally friendly detergents and shampoos and use as little as possible to keep fresh water supplies free from pollution.
  • Be economical in using fresh water for showering and washing as often they are in short supply.
  • Consider offsetting environmental effects of international travel by contributing to Climate Care 9810323891