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Kalish tour

kalish tour

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Kalish tour Overview

The Mt. Kailash tour from Kathmandu offers a unique and spiritually enriching experience for travelers seeking, cultural immersion, and a deeper connection with nature. Located in western Tibet, Mt.ailash is considered one of the most sacred mountains in the world by several religions includingism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Bon.

The journey begins in Kathmandu where will meet your guide from Tashi Delek Nepal Trek office early in the morning. there, you will drive to Kyirong through scenic landscapes and picturesque villages. The follows the Trishuli River Galchi before heading north towards the border with China.

completing immigration formalities on both sides of the border, you continue your journey towards Kyirong where you will spend a day acclimatization at an elevation of 2700m. This allows your body to adjust to higher altitudes continuing further into Tibet.

From Kyirong, the route takes you through breathtaking landscapes as you drive across Lalung La (5200m) and pass by turquoise lakes such as Peiku-Tso with stunning views of Shishapangma (8027m). The trail then follows a river valley dotted with traditional villages before reaching Saga at an elevation of 4600m.

After spending a night in Saga or staying at a guest house/hotel depending on availability, you embark on a long drive towards Manasarovar Lake at an elevation of 5200m. This part of the journey takes approximately 9-10 hours but rewards travelers with magnificent views of snow-covered peaks and arid landscapes that define Tibet's unique beauty.

At Manasarovar Lake, also known as "the jewel born out of Lord Brahma's mind," we take time to explore its turquoise waters surrounded by sacred mountains such as Holy Kailash Parbat and Mt. Gurula-Mandata. The region is believed to be rich in gold mines, hot springs, and diverse wildlife.

After immersing ourselves in the spiritual energy emanating from Manasarov Lake, we continue our journey towards Darchen - the starting point for circumambulating Mountailash or undertaking its kora (pilgrimage trek). Darchen is located at an altitude of 4560m and serves as a base camp for trekkers preparing themselves physically and mentally for this challenging adventure ahead.

The kora around Mount Kailash covers approximately 52 kilometers over three days with overnight stays at Dirapuk (4900m) and Zutul Puk (4790m). On these treks/treking days one gets mesmerized by verdant meadows adorned with colorful flowers,
picturesque streams flowing alongside their trails,
and breathtaking views that unfold along every step - including glimpses
of majestic Mount Kailash itself.
Each day presents new challenges but also provides moments
of deep introspection
and profound connection with nature.
Visiting monasteries like Dira-Puk Monastery adds another layer
of spiritual significance.
Here it is believed that blessings are bestowed upon those who pay homage during their pilgrimage journey.
Zutul-Puk monastery has fascinating caves used primarily for meditation,
with Milarepa's cave being particularly noteworthy-
it bears evidence
of his presence through footprints imprinted on mani stones.
These ancient sites enhance one's understanding
of Tibetan Buddhist traditions

Upon completing our trek around Mount Kailash,
we return to Darchen where we rest before driving back towards Saga -
retracing our steps through beautiful landscapes where nomads can be seen welcoming us warmly along remote stretches -
offering hot tea & supplies while dressed beautifully in traditional costumes.
We spend another night either camping or staying at guest houses/hotels depending on availability

On our way back to Kathmandu from Saga,
we cross Yarlung Tsangpo (Brahmaputra River)
via ferry,
then drive around 220km back to Kyirong -
where we first entered Tibet -
the road opens up into wide plains offering spectacular views once again!
In Kyirong,you can get some well-deserved rest after adventurous travel experiences…
Overnight stay can be arranged either camping or staying guest houses/hotels based on availability

From Kyirong,a final scenic drive leads us back across Nepalese border town Rasuwagadi –
where farewells are made between Tibetan guides/drivers & Nepalese escorts-
before continuing further down toward Kathmandu…
This could take about7-8 hours depending on weather conditions & road conditions

Overall,the Mtailash tour from Kathmandu offers so much more than just physical endurance;
It about experiencing spiritual awakening&
deepening connections between nature&inner self.
With each step taken along this incredible pilgrimage route,tourists find themselves enveloped within powerful energy fields generated by sacred mountains,lakes&a vibrant mix cultures&traditions.The serenity&majesty encountered throughout entirejourney creates lifelong memories&inspires personal growth...





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