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Bardia Tour Package

Bardia Tour Package - 4 Days

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Facts About Trip

Duration: 4 Days
Accommodation: Standard Tourist Hotel
Best Season: All Season
Grade: Easy
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Bardia Tour Package Overview

Bardiya National Park, or Bardia National Park, is a special place in Nepal that was created in 1988 as Royal Bardia National Park. It's a very big and untouched natural area, covering 968 square kilometers (about 374 square miles). This park is the biggest and most pristine one in the Terai region of Nepal. It's located next to the Karnali River in the east and is split by the Babai River in the Bardiya District. The northern part is surrounded by the Siwalik Hills.

On the southern side, there's a highway called the Nepalgunj-Surkhet highway that serves as a border, but it's not great for the park. In the west, a river called the Geruwa, which is connected to the Karnali River, and in the southeast, the Babai River, naturally keep people from settling too close to the park.

When you combine Bardiya National Park with the nearby Banke National Park, you get a big protected area that covers 1,437 square kilometers (about 555 square miles). This combined area is called the Tiger Conservation Unit (TCU) Bardia-Banke, and it's huge, totaling 2,231 square kilometers (about 861 square miles). It's known for its grassy plains and moist forests.

This park is the largest in Nepal and is a home to about 53 different kinds of animals, like rhinoceroses, wild elephants, Bengal tigers, swamp deer, and Gangetic dolphins. There are also 23 types of reptiles and amphibians in the park, and the Karnali and Babai rivers mark its borders.

Highlights for the Bargia National Park Tour

  • Explore the beautiful wilderness of Bardia National Park and get close to its diverse wildlife.
  • Go on exciting elephant-back safaris for a chance to see tigers, rhinoceroses, and other exotic animals.
  • Check out the park's many bird species with early morning bird-watching trips.
  • Learn about the unique Tharu culture by visiting their village and museum.
  • Ride on an elephant's back deep into the jungle for a unique view of the park's ecosystem.
  • Get help from experienced local guides to enhance your wildlife tracking experience.
  • Enjoy scenic flights from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, offering beautiful views of Nepal's landscape.
  • Stay in comfortable lodges or resorts inside the park for a comfortable and immersive experience.
  • Wrap up your tour with a special farewell dinner to celebrate your adventure.
  • Capture amazing moments and stunning landscapes in the heart of this biodiverse park.

How to reach Bardia National Park from Kathmandu?

Thakurdwara is like the front door to Bardia National Park. To get there from Kathmandu, you have a few choices: you can take a bus, a jeep, or a plane. Most people pick the bus because it's the usual way to go. You just buy a bus ticket and hop on. If you start your bus journey today, you'll get to Bardia the next day.

Buses usually drive at night, and travelers usually take a bus to Mahendranagar or Bardia from Kathmandu. The bus ticket from Kathmandu to Mahendranagar is usually about NRs. 3000, but it might be a bit more if you want a fancier bus. You can also come back to Kathmandu from Bardia by bus, but it's a long and tiring ride, so it's a good idea to think about taking a plane for the return trip.

A quicker way to get there is by flying from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, and then you can continue your journey to Bardia by jeep or bus. The airplane ticket from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj costs somewhere between NRs. 6000 and NRs. 11,000, depending on when you're traveling.

Bardia Tour Package Itinerary Expand/Collapse All

Day 1 : Take a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and then proceed with a drive to Bardia National Park.

We start our journey by taking a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj in the western part of the country. Bardia National Park is not far from Nepalgunj, only about 90 kilometers, and we can get there in about two hours from the airport. When we arrive at a resort inside Bardia National Park, we'll let you know what activities are planned for the next day. In the evening, we'll get to visit the Tharu village, the original people of this area.

Day 2 : Explore Bardia National Park and take pleasure in a jungle walk.

After breakfast, we hop into a jeep to explore the jungle. This national park is the home of 53 different types of animals, including rhinoceroses, wild elephants, Bengal tigers, swamp deer, and Gangetic dolphins. Additionally, the park is home to 23 kinds of reptiles and amphibians, with the Karnali and Babai rivers as its natural borders. During our adventure, we'll visit the crocodile breeding center and the Tharu Museum. Inside the jungle, there are towers where you can spot passing wild animals. You'll have an experienced guide to help you track and observe the wildlife.

Day 3 : Explore Bardia National Park.

Today, we'll get a whole day to enjoy Bardia National Park and relax. We'll head into the jungle early in the morning to watch birds. In the afternoon, we'll take an elephant ride deep into the jungle, which gives us a chance to see animals like tigers and rhinoceroses.

Day 4 : Take a drive to Nepalgunj and then catch a flight back to Kathmandu.

After breakfast, we'll drive to Nepalgunj to catch a flight back to Kathmandu. If our flight allows, we might have some time to check out nearby places. When we reach Kathmandu, our team will escort you to your hotel. In the evening, there will be a farewell dinner hosted by Holiday Planner Treks.

Not Satisfied with this itinerary?

Customize this trip with help from our local travel specialist that matches your interests.

Cost Includes

  • Transportation to and from hotels and airports.
  • Three nights of lodging in Bardia National Park.
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu.
  • All your meals provided while staying in Bardia National Park.
  • A domestic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj.
  • All necessary ground transportation, including airport transfers, tailored to your group's size.
  • An experienced and locally knowledgeable tour guide who speaks English.
  • Entrance fees for heritage sites and the National Park.
  • Participation in all jungle activities in Bardia as outlined in the itinerary.

Cost Excludes

  • Visa fee for entering Nepal.
  • Costs for international flight tickets to Nepal and the return journey.
  • Meals in Kathmandu, as well as during flights and drives.
  • Charges for excess baggage.
  • Personal expenses, including shopping and laundry.
  • Additional charges for beverages like tea, coffee, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks.
  • Any extra expenses resulting from modifications to the itinerary, like additional meals or accommodation in the National Park, extended safari time, etc.
  • Tips and gratuities for your guide and driver are not included.


What province in Nepal is home to Bardiya National Park?

Bardiya National Park, with a total area of 968 square kilometers, is situated in the province of Lumbini in Nepal.

What is the population of tigers and rhinoceroses in Bardiya National Park?

Bardiya National Park is home to many different kinds of animals and birds. If you're lucky, you might get to see all of them when you visit. There are about 56 tigers and roughly 67 rhinoceroses in the park.

Can I take children on a Bardiya National Park tour?

Sure, you can bring your kids, but make sure there are things for them to do and places to stay that are good for children. Keep them safe and follow the park rules when you travel with them.

Is it necessary to hire a guide for exploring the park?

We strongly suggest getting a trained guide or joining a tour when you visit. This will help keep you safe and improve your chances of seeing wildlife. Guides know a lot about the park and how the animals behave.

What permits do I need to enter Bardiya National Park?

To get inside, you'll need permission, and you can get it from the park officials or the tour company you're using. But remember, there's a cost for these permits.

Is it safe to visit Bardiya National Park?

Bardiya National Park is a safe place for tourists. Just make sure to listen to the park people and your tour guides so you have a safe and fun trip.

Are there accommodations available inside the park?

You can stay in lodges and resorts inside and outside the park. They have different kinds of places to stay, from cheap to fancy, so you can pick what suits your budget.

What activities can I do in Bardiya National Park?

You can have fun in the jungle by going on safaris, watching birds, riding elephants, taking nature walks, and going on boat rides along the Karnali River. You can also check out the Tharu villages to learn about the local culture.

When is the best time to visit Bardiya National Park?

The best time to go is when it's not rainy, which is from October to early December and from late February to early June. You're more likely to see animals during these times.

How do I get to Bardiya National Park?

To get to Bardiya National Park, you can fly to Nepalgunj Airport and then take a ride by land to the park. Or, you can take a bus or drive there from big cities in Nepal.

What is Bardiya National Park famous for?

People know Bardiya National Park for its many different animals like tigers, rhinoceroses, elephants, and lots of birds. It's also famous for its pretty natural scenery and the chance to go on jungle safaris.

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