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Kathmandu to Chitwan Tourist Bus Ticket

Kathmandu to Chitwan Tourist Bus Ticket

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Kathmandu to Chitwan Tourist Bus Ticket Overview

Holiday Planner Treks makes it easy to book your bus ticket from Kathmandu to Chitwan online, along with private vehicle services. Chitwan is famous for wildlife tours, giving you the chance to see endangered animals like the one-horned rhino and enjoy other exciting wildlife and cultural experiences.

Get an affordable bus ticket from Kathmandu to Chitwan through Holiday Planner Treks. You can choose from different options, like deluxe, super deluxe, and VIP sofa bus seats, for a comfortable journey. Our company is committed to providing top-notch bus services in Nepal, ensuring a pleasant travel experience for our customers.

Holiday Planner Treks connects Kathmandu and Chitwan with tourist buses using the Prithvi Highway. This route offers a scenic road trip with stunning views of mountains, forests, and the Trishuli River along the way.

Tourist buses from Kathmandu to Chitwan come in deluxe and VIP sofa models, ensuring a safe and luxurious journey with skilled operators and assistants. Chitwan is home to Nepal's oldest national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, featuring attractions like the one-horned rhino and the Royal Bengal tiger. Adventure activities within the park, such as elephant riding, jeep safaris, and canoeing, provide unique experiences amid diverse flora and fauna.

Chitwan, rich in natural wonders, also holds cultural significance in Nepal. Whether you're a nature lover, a religious follower, or just curious about local customs, you'll enjoy exploring this region. The moderate temperature in Nepal's inner Terai region allows for pleasant experiences, like watching elephants bathe in rivers and spotting one-horned rhinos in the midst of the lively city.

Tourist buses from Kathmandu to Chitwan offer amenities such as air conditioning, mineral water, and comfortable seats. Holiday Planner Treks ensures spacious, well-maintained, and clean seating for a comfy journey. Covering a distance of 181 kilometres, the drive from Kathmandu to Chitwan takes about 6-7 hours, with breaks for lunch and rest stops along the way.

Departure Schedule for Kathmandu to Chitwan Tourist Bus

The Kathmandu to Chitwan Tourist Bus runs once a day, making it a convenient and dependable choice for people traveling between these two cities. The bus starts its journey at 7:00 A.M. from Sorakhutte, going to Sauraha, and the entire trip usually takes about 5 to 7 hours.

Similarly, if you're traveling from Sauraha to Sorakhutte, the tourist bus also leaves at 7:00 A.M. Having the same departure time makes the service consistent and efficient for both directions of the journey.

This everyday departure at 7:00 A.M. is designed to be traveler-friendly, providing a trustworthy and on-time schedule for those looking to explore the wildlife and cultural attractions of Chitwan from Kathmandu or the other way around.

Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus Ticket route 

The bus trip from Kathmandu to Chitwan is easy and scenic, starting every day at 7 a.m. from Shorekhutte. The bus goes through important places like Balaju, Kalanki, Malakhu, Mugling, and NayaranGhat, reaching its final stop at Sauraha Tourist Bus Park. Sauraha is a popular tourist spot in Chitwan, known for its lively atmosphere and closeness to natural wonders.

The journey covers about 150 km and takes around 5 hours, including two planned stops. This well-thought-out route ensures a comfy and enjoyable ride for passengers, letting them enjoy Nepal's diverse landscapes and rich culture.

Beginning in the busy city of Kathmandu, the route passes through beautiful scenery, especially around Mugling. The last stop in Sauraha allows travellers to explore Chitwan's famous attractions, like its wildlife, cultural sites, and the lively vibe of this tourist hot spot. The Kathmandu to Chitwan tourist bus route, with its timely departure, scenic path, and planned stops, is a great choice for those looking for an easy and enjoyable overland journey.

Kathmandu to Chitwan Road Condition

The road from Kathmandu to Chitwan is really good, with smooth blacktop surfaces along the entire route. The Prithivi Highway connects Chitwan's Sauraha with Kathmandu, covering a distance of 181 kilometers. During this journey, you get to see amazing views of mountains and the Trishuli River.

The Prithivi Highway ensures a comfortable ride through beautiful landscapes. After passing Narayanghat, the road goes through the middle of the jungle. While the road is generally good, it's important to know that sometimes there might be small delays due to maintenance work or traffic when travelling from Kathmandu to Chitwan.

In summary, the road conditions from Kathmandu to Chitwan are mostly great, offering travellers a pleasant and scenic trip. Despite occasional delays from maintenance and traffic, the well-kept roads and beautiful landscapes make this route a popular choice for those exploring Nepal's diverse beauty.

Kathmandu Chitwan Tourist Bus Ticket Fare

Bus Price (For Nepali) Price (For foreigner)
Sofa Tourist Bus Rs.1350 pp USD13
Deluxe Tourist Bus Rs.900 pp USD10

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